August 10, 2009

The first injury timeout in JustSON history

I apologize for being absent today on JustSON but an emergency doctor's visit was needed after an ailment struck me over the weekend. What ailment you wonder? Well take a guess...

1. The Yankees swept the Red Sox causing me to blow a blood vessel in my head.

2. I stole a doughnut from Joba Chamberlain, causing him to attack me.

3. I discovered that riding a grocery cart down a busy Spokane street was not a smart idea.

4. I over-ate (big surprise)

5. I tried to tan and instead looked like Elmo from Sesame Street.

6. I bought a bagel off a Spokie that was laced with a strange drug that made me prance around with a purple umbrella in the cross walk.

See, Spokane is actually a pretty dangerous place to live. Sometimes you have to be alert otherwise you could find yourself sitting in a docter's office. Luckily I won't be put on the DL, and should be back tonight at full strength.

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