August 2, 2009

The heat is here in Spokane

And I thought Seattle was the only city in the PNW that got triple digit temps :D

The National Weather Service recorded an official high at the Spokane International Airport of 101 degrees today, tying the record for the day set in 1971. It also marked the first time this year that Spokane reached the triple digits, said Laurie Nisbet of the weather service.

Lewiston also tied a record for the day, reaching 106 at the airport. Wenatchee, meanwhile, broke a record for the date with a high of 107; the previous high was 103, Nisbet said.

Omak and Moses Lake also hit 106, while Coeur d’Alene topped out at 99. The warmest spot in the region, however, belonged to Entiat, west of Waterville on the west bank of the Columbia River, Nisbet said. Today’s high reached 108.

Has anyone ever been to Waterville? I'm pretty sure exactly one person lives there. One. And he owns a convenience store. That's it. What a town.

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