August 12, 2009

How to tell if you suck at video games

1. Casey is better than you.

2. The big monsters with the flamethrowers point and laugh at you instead of actually trying to kill you in the game.

3. You get beat by your niece, who has no motor skills because she is a baby.

4. You play games like Wii Bowling, Nursing Home Games 4, Mario Card Stacking and the Canadian Football League Madden 2010.

5. When you play as Lebron on NBA Live, he acts more like Adam Morrison.

6. Your friends skip you when it's your turn to hold the contoller.

7. Even your friend's girlfriend that doesn't play video games laughs at what a terrible job you do.

8. Bowser on Mario Kart Wii really pisses you off.

9. You're not allowed to go to LAN parties or on WoW quests.

10. Somebody mistook your character's odd movements as somebody's internet connection going out. In fact, you were just trying to aim your gun.

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