August 5, 2009

The lamest jet pack ever

Didn't they invent these blasted things like in the 1950s or something? Why is it 2009 and human technology can only give us something that hovers 6 feet above the ground? I should be eating my Corn Flakes on Mars right now and hanging out with Sharon Stone (at least according to Total Recall. Instead, we has these hunk of junk...

FORGET bungy jumping and black river rafting: New Zealand's tourists will soon be able to whiz around in a strap-on mini helicopter to get their thrills

A Kiwi inventor will launch public flights in the latest jetpack flying technology early next year, with plans to expand to Australia soon after.

The Martin Jetpack – literally a personal strap-on aircraft – is a two-litre jet-powered engine designed to soar across the skies at 100km/h at heights of up to 50 metres.

Inventor Glenn Martin dreams of the day commuters will hop into the contraption to fly to work, missing rush hour traffic.

But for now, the first public flight program will be limited to low and slow flying in a controlled area while the Christchurch-based company road tests the safety and limits of the engine.

"Just because we have to stay under 10 metres high and under 10km/h doesn't mean it won't be an incredibly exciting experience," Martin Aircraft Company chief executive Richard Lauder said.

And it costs a whopping $100,000. Whoop-de-doo.

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