August 3, 2009

Papelbon might be on his way out of Boston

See the guy to the right? That's Daniel Bard and he has been ridiculous so far.

Bard surrendered zero earned runs in July. He hasn’t allowed an earned run in 14 straight innings. Over that span, the league is hitting .089 against him. He has struck out a preposterous 14.8 batters per nine innings and his strikeout-to-walk ratio is truly astonishing for anyone, let alone a pitcher who throws 99 mph regularly. It’s 23 TO 0.

And with current Boston Red Sox closer Jon Papelbon making every save adventurous, along with some not-so-popular comments about becoming a New York Yankee if he didn't get the right pay day from the Sox... we could be looking at the future right here.

And the support for Papelbon has been waning, at least on Internet comment boards...

Bard should be the closer and Papelbon either a reliever or starting pitcher as his saves are a russian roulette death or life experience.
- Posted by mascmen7

The smart move would be to make Daniel Bard the closer for the foreseeable future as long as he is this effective. Jonathan Papelbon just has not been as effective overall this year as he has been in the past. - Posted by Wambo

It will be fun to watch Bard go against Papelbon in a couple years when the Sox play the Yanks. Any doubts as to on which team each pitcher will play? - Posted by Nomptnet

My question becomes, what song would Papelbon run out to (it's "I'm Shipping up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys right now) in a Yankee uniform?

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