August 26, 2009

Pot Humor

There's several things that are pretty embarrassing to be buying at the store, but for the most part you can just shove it in your cart and go through the self-checkout stands (which are quite possibly the greatest catalyst to the sudden increase in condom and ex-lax sales in America). One purchase that you can't get away with is the toilet paper packs.

I understand that people go through a lot of it, but is it really necessary to make me buy that 48 back that's roughly the size of a Volkswagen. Not only does that limit the amount of other stuff I can shove into my cart to a bag of Skittles but it also broadcasts to the rest of the store that I've been using Kleenexes to wipe my butt for the past two days and am in need of some serious toilet paper.

Sure everyone poops, but what do you think when you see someone lugging around a pack of toilet paper that looks like it could have supplied the entire Allied Army during D-Day? Yeah, we judge.

Is there a way I could go through the drive-thru to get toilet paper? I mean if it's McDonald's I'm going to be using the restroom in 20 minutes anyways.

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