August 18, 2009

Preseason football is a joke

I hate preseason football.

Every year about this time I have to listen to somebody babble about the Hawks preseason games and how awesome their seventh string tight-end from Western Eastern Washington State Community College did against the fourth-string defense of the San Diego chargers. Whoop-dee doo.

It's fun to watch football, but not meaningless football. If there's one thing the college ranks do right, it's the lack of a meaningless game in their season. The NFL however, is content with charging full price for fans to see players that will be bagging groceries in four weeks. Can you imagine people getting this excited for baseball when the Boston Red Sox are playing Boston College?

"Man you should have seen Brad Penny last night, he was on his game against those college kids."

Seriously, that's just the same as these people that quack about preseason football.

While everyone gets all excited about football, I think I'll stick to baseball and pray that the Red Sox don't fade down the stretch. Those games matter. The four preseason games in football don't.

(In fact they mean so little they took the preseason games out of the Wii version on Madden 10, a feature that I really enjoy because I felt guilty skipping the preseason games but hated playing them)

So to quote a Green Day song, "Wake me up when September comes"

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