August 25, 2009

Reasons why I'm still single... I don't like the Little League World Series

Apparently I have no soul and am un-American because I do not like the Little League World Series. Is there another athletic event that is so completely overrated, over-hyped, boring to watch on television and of absolute no real athletic value?

... other than the Olympics?

But really, while it's kind of cool that teams come from Mercer Island, WA, the LLWS is just another example of how youth sports has become incredibly bloated and ridiculous. Have you heard or seen some of these parents and coaches at this event? Living vicariously through their children is an understatement... having no life and being a sad pathetic has-been that will burn their kids out on sports before the age of 13 is more like it.

Maybe I'm the only person that thinks this way (judging from the feel-good promos by ESPN, I probably am) but I'd much rather watch SportsCenter than a 12-year old throw a 60 MPH fastball (which is 20 more MPH than my fastest pitch).

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