August 4, 2009

The Red Sox could have gotten King Felix

Rumor of this mega-deal hit the blog of the Boston Red Sox and even though it fell through, this would have been simply stunning.
King Felix (occasionally eats Yankee fan's babies for breakfast)

ERA 2.78
Record 12-4


RHP Clay Buchholz
RHP Daniel Bard
RHP Justin Masterson
LHP Nick Hagadone
RHP Michael Bowden
LHP Felix Doubront
OF Josh Reddick
SS Yamaico Navarro

In case you haven't noticed, that's a crapload of prospects. And you know what? It would have been worth it. Boston would have increased their chances of winning the World Series by a high percentile. Can you imagine facing Beckett, Lester and Felix in a playoff series? Wow.

And when that deal fell through, Theo tried to get the Padres involved and have a three-way (That sounds dirty on purpose) but that didn't materialize either.

Look at that list on prospects (We've been praising Daniel Bard here on JustSON)... this might have hamstrung the Sox future at the closer position since Bard looks like the heir apparent after Papelbon gets run out of town. However, that killer rotation is too much to pass up on, holy cow.

I'm actually really surprised the Mariners didn't bite on this, perhaps they believe (1) they have a future with Felix on the team or (2) they weren't wowed by Buchholz, Bard and Masterson... unlike everyone else in the league.

Dammit Seattle, that would have made me your biggest fan.

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