August 15, 2009

Seahawks Live Blog

The game is about to begin and I can't wait. Got my green jersey on and it's football season!

I'll do a live blog for the first few series of the game. When the backups start trickling in, I'll just write a wrap-up of the game.

7:02- Game Time: Curt Menefee is on the call with Warren Moon as the color commentator. Coutu gets the first kicking duty. Him and Mare are fighting for the ONE spot this year.

7:04- Big hit from Redding. Welcome to Seattle.

7:05- LT is playing in the preseason and they hand him the ball. Seattle is on it.

7:06- River pass across the middle and the reciever is murdered. Great hit to cause the pass to be incomplete.

7:06- Confusion on the punt return for the Hawks. Forsett was back.

7:08- Jones runs around the outside. The Hawks need the running game this year.

7:10- The offense is looking pretty good for the first few plays of the game. And of course, Hasselbeck's first pass goes to Carlson.

7:12- Ryan comes out to punt. Stupid Hawks getting rid of Plackemeier last season. Touchback. Nice work.

7:16- Gates pass across the middle. Great open field tackle by Grant. The defense has looked very sharp at this point so far.

7:17- I might have spoke to soon. First a catch for the first down in the flats by Gates. Then a 7 yard run by LT. Uh oh. And then another Gate catch for the first down. The Chargers are sure moving the ball.

7:19- LT stopped for a one yard gain by Mebane just forcing his way into the backfield.

7:19- The defense almost gave up a huge pass down the middle to Gates again. But he dropped it. Thank goodness.

7:20- Tapp almost with the interception in the middle. In his hands and out. It was 3rd down, but then Lucas was called for holding. So 1st down Chargers just past midfield instead of the D leaving the field. It is preseason, so better to get this stuff worked out now.

7:22- Sproles in for LT and got his head taken off by Hill on the screen pass. Ouch.

7:22- 3rd and 3 for the Bolts and an over throw by River with great coverage by Grant on Gates. That was some great one on one coverage.

7:23- Butler in to take this punt. 3rd round from Penn State. But not this one, punt downed at the 4 yardline.

7:23- Commercial about cars.

7:25- Hasselbeck comes back into the game deep in his own backfield. Pass complete to Burleson for 11 yard gain. Nice!

7:26- Jones up the middle for 7 yards. Cut and go. No dancing. Nice running.

7:27- Hasselbeck to Housh. His first catch as a Seahawk. 5 yard gain. 1st down!

7:27- Curt and Warren are doing a great job too.

7:28- Hasselbeck flushed out of the pocket and throws the ball away. Phillips was going to eat him.

7:28- 3rd down now and Carlson tried to make a one handed catch but dropped it. Looked like miss communication. Preseason.

7:29- Hasselbeck on the sideline discussing stuff with his receivers. That's a good site to see. Work it out now. Be effective later.

7:30- Another GE commerical followed by another Great Clips commerical. It's time for some new commercials.

7:31- Rivers out and Volek in. Looks like the Chargers are starting to put in backups. 0-0 score.

7:32- Pretty much the whole Seahawks D is backups minus Curry and Grant.

7:32- Hawthorne with a huge hit. The Heater is back.

7:33- Volek with a nice pass to the flat for the 8 yard gain on 3rd down. Naanee beat Curry to the ball.

7:34- Bryant has been in on most of the plays this drive.


7:37- Alright, I'll go through the Hawks next drive. Chargers ball. 3rd and 2. Overthrow.

7:38- Butler fair catch. Wallace coming in to play.

7:39- Another PEMCO Insurance commercial. I like those. They make me laugh.

7:41- 2nd string offense in. The 1st team looked alright. Still a lot to work on.

7:41- Kerney on the sideline chatting with the guys in the booth. He's very good on the TV. He has a career on TV in the future.

7:41- He says he likes the new high energy of the new coaching staff. He also used to work under Mora when he was in Atlanta with him.

7:42- Because of Redding, he's switching from left to right on the d-line.

7:42- Kerney also says that he approves of Curry and that Curry really looks to learning from the veterans.

7:43- On 2nd down, Butler had his first catch for the Hawks. For less than 1 yard. But it's still a first catch in the NFL. On 3rd down, flag for illegal formation. The 2nd team O did not look good. Hawks to punt.

With that, I'll call it a night for this game. The backups are in and I'll let you know my thoughts on the rest of the game later. I'll also be switching between the Hawks and the Sounders FC game that starts in 15 minutes.

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