August 5, 2009

Things that are red flags when looking for an apartment in Spokane

1. The words "May be bulldozed for the new north-south freeway" are in the listing.

2. The landlord asks how much in welfare you'll be receiving a month.

3. The place is actually a van down by the river.

4. It's listed as "the nice part of Hillyard, although just ignore the gunshot holes in the door"

5. A famous Spokane serial killer lived there.

6. Anything listed as "Lower South Hill" but has an address that is actually across the Spokane River.

7. The landlord asks you what you wear to bed.

8. It's says it's right next to WSU - which is located in Pullman, by the way.

9. You have to walk up five flights of stairs and over a homeless guy to get there.

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