August 15, 2009

Welcome to the Michael Vick era Eagle fans!

Amazing what's customizable pro shop can do. Even though he's not officially on the roster yet, I thought I'd waste a little time and invite pet-lovers everywhere to welcome in a new era in Philadelphia Eagles football history.

By the way, does PETA even try to protest in Phili? Do they want to mess with Eagles fans who would be frying up thousands of cows and chickens during tailgating? I see that ending in two way... bloodshed and somebody throwing batteries at Pamela Anderson.

Oh and don't worry about Donovan McNabb, he's only one of the best QBs in NFL history, they're not going to replace him with Vick who's been in the can for the past two years. Look for Vick to play WR, maybe HB or split a small amount of time with McNabb under center. Can you imagine Vick and McNabb in the same backfield.

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