August 31, 2009

What may or may not have happen this weekend during the Sounders game

1. I got in a fight with a Toronto fan. FALSE: I ran and hid in the corner of the stadium when i saw someone in Toronto gear.

2. Casey got drunk off of two beers. FALSE: I actually got drunk off of two beers, which caused me to yell at the ref "He's throwing 'bows" about a Toronto player. This frightened small children.

3. Casey's Fiancee farted numerous times during the Mariners game we attended. TRUE: It cleared out the entire section. By far the worst smell ever!

4. I hit on a girl. FALSE: I was too busy hiding in the corner of the stadium cowering from Toronto fans.

5. Carlos Silva was the ref for the game. TRUE: And he ran about as fast as Carlos Silva too.

My Hero... Carlos Silva.

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