August 5, 2009

You know you're in Spokane summer weather when...

1. You wake up to 85 degrees, go to work and by the time you go home, it's 65 and raining.

2. Tornado warnings? No we don't have those here, but freak dust devils going down Division st. is a common sight.

3. There's nothing quite like the dog days of August when night time temperatures reach a balmy 95 degrees and you're forced to sleep in the bathtub with the shower turned on full cold.

4. You hear "Let's go to the Lake" roughly 4,743 times during the day.

5. You get rained on and sunburnt at the same time. Also don't forget the possibility that you could get struck by lightning.

6. By the time I finish this blog, the weather will have already changed.

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