September 21, 2009

Cowboy Stadium too big?

While watching the Dallas Cowboys - New York Giants game last night, a broadcast that turned out to be a three hour infomercial for Jerry Jones thanks to NBC's constant butt kissing. However, it is pretty tough to deny that the new Cowboys Stadium was awesome.

- Players entered through a club/sports bar area in the arena. Can't wait until someone gets a beer poured on them.

- The jumbo tron is massive. This thing is almost indescribable and when people 1,000 years from now talk about the fall of the United States they'll say "it's because these idiot Americans spent millions of dollars on a TV screen instead of health care"

- 105,000 people attended the game - an NFL record.

- George W. Bush and John Madden sat in the same suite and could be seen on NBC talking. I would have paid a large sum to sit in on that nonsense.

This is not just a football stadium but a landmark of Jerry Jones' ego. And while football fans in Dallas will be enjoying the building, they'll pay dearly for it. So will fans across the league.


By one-upping everyone else in the league, Jerry Jones has made every other stadium in the NFL look like cracker jack box. Remember when Arizona opened their new stadium a few years ago and everyone was all gaga over that? Who's talking about it now? Every other team in the league has built a fairly new stadium or renovated it in the last 10-15 years, but they're not even close to the level of decadence that new Cowboys Stadium has.

So does this give NFL owners the right to start complaining for new stadiums in the next 5-10 years? Remember when the 15-year old Key Arena was suddenly too old to host the Sonics because it didn't have "modern amenities?" Is every football stadium now going to need a jumbo tron bigger than a humpback whale?

And these stadiums aren't built for the fans, they're glorified theme parks designed to take as much money from you the fan as possible.

Over a billion dollars was pumped into this stadium... I hoped the NFL doesn't think other teams and their fan bases will want to do that in their cities in the near future.

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  1. Did you see that the ticket prices for the cheap cheap seats up in the ozone layer of the stadium sell for $75!?!?! Who would pay that for a crappy view or rather, to watch a huge tv? Oh, and the "party zone" in the endzones (aka the area you can't watch the game at but can watch several large TVs goes for $29 a space. That's just crazy.