September 6, 2009

Did they play college football yesterday?

Oh yeah! How about that? Football is back!

#6 Ohio State 31, Navy 27 - This game seems closer than it should be, but you have to factor in that Navy is actually a good football program (a fact that was overlooked by every single person yesterday) and that Ohio State is looking forward to losing to USC next week.

#9 Penn State 31, Akron 7 -
Penn State begins it's march through the toughest schedule is high school football history...

#22 Iowa 17, Northern Iowa 16 - Iowa had to block two field goals to win this game against a FCS opponent. Ladies and gentlemen, the Big 10!

#23 Notre Dame 35, Nevada 0 - Charlie Weis has silenced the critics! How can you question the Irish after defeated the football powerhouse that is Nevada! They're still in the FBS right?

#9 Oklahoma State 24, #13 Georgia 10 -
In other news, parts of Georgia rioted when their football team did not pull of the upset which was expected across the board. People have already thrown in the towel for their national championship hopes and have decided to become Detroit Lions fans.

#4 USC 56, San Jose State 3 -
Boy USC is down this year. They actually trailed 3-0 at the end of the 1st quarter.

#24 Nebraska 49, Florida Atlantic 3 - I'm glad that such a traditional college football power like Nebraska could play such a meaningful game this early in the season. Florida Atlantic and them go waaay back when both the state of Nebraska and Florida were right next to one another. Get ready for Cornhusker fans to start talking national championship (Casey put down the gun, put down the GUN!)

#1 Florida 62, CSU 3 - Good Lord.

#20 BYU 14, #3 Oklahoma 13 - Not saying that the Mountain West is just as good as some BSC conferences or anything but Air Force did beat Nicholls State 72-0 as well. Break up the MWC!

#25 Kansas 49, N. Colorado 3 - Way to go UNC, way to represent the Big Sky Conference. Lame ass.

#2 Texas 59, LA-Monroe 20 - Hook a school I've never heard of Horns!

#12 Cal 52, Maryland 13 - Since Cal is playing EWU next week, I'm gonna say this is just a fluke. Yep, a big fat fluke.

#11 LSU 31, Washington 23 - Wait, whaaaaat? An energetic coaching staff? A hard-hitting Husky team? Jake Locker being allowed to use his athletic talent to succeed? A west-coast offense? Tyrone Willingham must have changed his philosophy.. oh wait... hehe.

Stanford 39, Washington St. 13 - You know you're team is terrible when the rallying cry is "well hey, at least we didn't get blown out thaaaat badly."

E. Washington 35, Western Oregon 14 - Apparently EWU players are going sans jersey names this year, much like they're going sans playoffs since the NCAA likes to flex its muscle against schools that don't have a dedicated athletics lawyer team and that doesn't make them a buttload of money. Great job NCAA, way to show how tough you are.

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