September 29, 2009

Epic Photo: Whoops Bob! It appears to be broken

"Hey! Something appears to be wrong down here."

The funny thing is, these broken water mains in LA may be because of a water rationing measure.

Since Sept. 1, there have been 43 breaks that have flooded or damaged streets, compared with 21 in September 2008, 17 in September 2007 and 13 in September 2006.

The rash of blowouts began in June, when a new drought-induced water policy went into effect, a circumstance leading outside engineers and analysts to question whether water restrictions are contributing to the problem.

Under the policy, residents are permitted to water their lawns only on Monday and Thursday, causing a surge in water flow those days that may be taxing the system, said Richard G. Little, a policy analyst at the University of Southern California who studies public infrastructure. “I am one person who thinks there is something odd going on here,” Mr. Little said.

Local government appears to be working all cylinders! Naturally they wouldn't assume everyone would try and water their lawns on the same day that they were allowed to. Who would of thunk it?!

Maybe the Spokane City Council aren't the only dummies in America...

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