September 10, 2009

Reasons why you're still single... BAD DRIVERS

So I'm driving in between parking lots to get back onto a main road in Spokane after picking up dinner. I take a narrow alley when suddenly from the west a car comes barreling my direction.

There was a green Subaru basically power sliding around the corner to go down this alley, probably going around 40 MPH in a parking lot. It takes me a moment to realize that even though I slammed on my brakes, this car does not see me and they are beginning to take a Chicken posture driving my direction.

I see the woman driver talking on her cell phone, she finally sees me, gives the "HOLY S*** I'M GOING TO DIE" face and slams on her brakes. I stare at her for a second in disbelief and she nearly killed me and then putted by her on my way out with my window down. Obviously, barreling 40 MPH towards a blind corner in an alley is not exactly safe driving, but she decided to take matters into her own hand when I squeezed out of the alley that she nearly caused an accident in.

"STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE!" In that sort of frumpy voice that only fat girls have because they're hiding half a chicken in their lower lip.

.... in was a single lane alley.

I hate stupid people.

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