September 24, 2009

Should the Seahawks have drafted Mark Sanchez?

With the emergence of Mark Sanchez as the next coming of Joe Flacco, the Seattle Times ran this column asking the question about the Seahawks picking linebacker Aaron Curry in this year's draft as opposed to the USC quarterback.

Matt Hasselbeck is down, Mark Sanchez is up, and Aaron Curry is all over the place. Knee-jerk reaction: The Seahawks should've drafted Sanchez.

Well, thank Lombardi the knee jerks don't rule the game.
It's a pertinent thought to wonder whether the Seahawks were right to choose Curry, a future star linebacker, over Sanchez, a potential franchise quarterback, in last April's draft.

It's worthy of re-examination. But ultimately it's a fruitless pondering because you can't make revisions in hindsight, and besides, the Seahawks made the right choice, at least in this scribe's estimation.
Amazing how one hit, one broken rib, can nullify months of sanity. Hasselbeck took the hit trying to score a touchdown, felt the pain, and now for the third time in four seasons, he's out with a worrisome injury.

We could run around in circles all day in retrospect as this columnist is doing (he doesn't want to make an opinion in an opinion article). But instead of listening to this paid guy who obviously can't actually say anything with 800 words, I'll rely on public opinion. Seahawks fans I have to ask you this...

Would you rather have Mark Sanchez under center right now?


  1. You're a moron. Sanchez is a rookie quarterback, I would much rather have Hasselbeck under center.

  2. Mark Sanchez would have been very nice to have under center right now. Wallace is terrible, what a joke. He's 29 too, not really building for the future.

  3. I think we did Sanchez a favor by not drafting him... within the first month of being with the Seahawks he would have tripped and tore his ACL, MCL and Meniscus ending his barely adolescent career.

    You're welcome Mark!

  4. Difference between Seattle media and New York media... New York media beat reporters down wear sweatpants to work.

  5. Seneca is a below-average qb at best. His height and skill set just arent what you want in an NFL qb. A guy like Drew Brees has the talent to compensate for his shortcomings, but not Wallace. Sanchez looks like the real deal, and I would take him over Hasslebck at this pomt of their careers.