September 28, 2009

What I learned about the NFL this weekend

1. Kurt Warner plays like he's being controlled by a Madden player that's drunk, passed out, in a food coma and slobbering all over the controller.

2. Indy Coach Jim Caldwell is a good coach, but he also thanks God every night that he has Peyton Manning under center. Art Shell could win with that guy.

3. NBC has got to do away with the tape delay during the halftime interviews. Watching Bob Costas and Rex Ryan awkwardly talk over one another and then stare at one another was just horrible TV. It's 2009, Ryan may be thousands of miles away but if I can text somebody in Boston, NBC should sure as hell be able to get him the real-time audio.

4. Rex Ryan has no chin.

5. That is the worst sight ever for Seahawks fans. Seneca Wallace can't win as QB, and those are the most gawd-awful jerseys ever.

6. Michael Vick apparently was expecting to be a starting quarterback by now. And everyone else was expecting Vick to produce more than seven yards of offense by now.

7. Despite every media outlet in the country writing off the New England Patriots... yep... they're still good.

8. Do we really have to go here? The Titans are 0-3. CRAP!

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