September 7, 2009

You call that improvement?

Not to be a negative Nancy here, but I am not drinking the Cougar Coo-lade like everyone else after they lost to Stanford 39-13. Sure the Cougs actually made it semi-competitive which is a big jump from last year but... seriously? You're happy with a 39-13 loss to a middle-of-the pack Pac-10 team.

If the Cougs played in the WAC, there might be some things that you could take away from this and have some confidence going into conference play. But since they play in the Pac-10, all I really can take away from this is "well, there goes their best chance at getting a win in conference this year."

The defense hit harder and the offense showed some signs of life, but it's not like this a completely turned around team. I understand that this is a rebuilding project for Coach Wulff but the last thing WSU needs is the fan base to get complacent after another loss. WSU doesn't need the team to do that either. I certainly hope Wulff still runs his guys into the ground on Tuesday to show them that they can't be happy with a loss not matter their situation.

And that's my thing, don't congratulate a team for losing by 26 points.

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