October 13, 2009

Another reason why the Kansas City Royals suck

I think we can all agree here that the Royals are terrible for baseball. I know it's Casey's favorite team... but come on. They're never in contention, they have the best pitcher in the league and he cant pick up any wins and they traded for the Seattle Mariners worst player.

I should write an article why the Royals suck, but it's already been done.

There was one funny piece about dollar nights at Kauffman Stadium:

Buck Nights: Think of the kind of crowd that is drawn to dollar dog, dollar soda night. "Hey kids, you don't need to worry about goin to bed hungry tonight, we're going to Buck Night." On Buck Nights you will see fewer teeth, more Stars and Bars on trucks, more jorts, more single teen moms, fewer sleeves and hear more "Whooohs!" and "Git-R-Dones" than any other nights of the year.

This cracks me up because dollar nights at the Spokane Indians ballpark is exactly the same. People will come in with bread bags and fill them up with hot dogs. No joke, some people get their monthly sustenance from dollar nights.

This is all in contrast to Mariners games, where fans show up in Jettas and eat sushi in the stands. The only time there would be a fight in the stands is if Bill Gates and Steve Jobs sat next to one another.

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