October 7, 2009

Are you ready for the baseball playoffs?

Will CC Sabathia have more wins than Burger King Quads eaten?

Will the Red Sox show more personality than the Sunday comic Dilbert?

Will the Metrodome collapse in on itself as it's officially become the black hole of sports where no major professional sports league can escape it's influence. Can we host the NBA Finals there just to ensue that it goes out with a bang as if Favre beating the Packers and a tie-breaker game wasn't enough?

Is Manny lactating again?

How many "Here come the Rockies!" articles will be written before they're swept by the Phillies in the playoffs?

Find out, because the MLB playoffs start today!

(A warning to everyone that knows me. You will probably not see me out in public as I'll be firmly planted on my couch for the next few weeks)

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