October 21, 2009

The Big Sky admits the refs did a bad job

The Big Sky Conference has admitted that... basically their refs f-ed up during the EWU-Montana game last weekend. Awesome, I'm sure that will be reflected in the win/loss column.

“The officiating in Saturday’s EWU-UM game was not up to the standards we expect and require,’’ said Big Sky Conference Commissioner Doug Fullerton. “Our officials are evaluated on every play of every game by observers in the stadium and by independent film evaluators - many with NFL experience - following the games. There are consequences for officials after they are examined.’’

Several plays were reviewed by the conference, its director of football officials Doug Toole, and independent observers. The league found two calls against Eastern Washington particularly troubling.

In the fourth quarter, an Eastern Washington player was called for a late hit out of bounds. The penalized player, however, was illegally blocked in the back by a Montana player, propelling him in to a Montana player out of bounds.

Late in the third quarter an Eastern Washington wide receiver was called for unsportsmanlike conduct as he slowed down on his way to the end zone. His actions, however, did not warrant the penalty.

“We continue to examine at least four more plays,’’ said Big Sky Conference Commissioner Doug Fullerton. “We don’t normally comment on officiating, nor do we plan to regularly do so in the future. However, there are cases where it is warranted, and this is one.’’

That really helps out Aaron Boyce, who had his collegiate career ended when he ruptured his Achilles Tendon in the Montana game. Thanks Big Sky! Now stop handing Montana the conference trophy under the table.


  1. Nice work Big Sky Montana Conference. Glad to see you only want the Griz to win.

  2. I was there, EWU would have won that game without the blown calls.