October 13, 2009

Bike event for October 17

Looking for something to do on Saturday? Well check out this:

Cascade Bike Club and the Tacoma Wheelmen are doing a good looking event in Tacoma on the 17th (a Saturday).

It will include a workshop on cycling advocacy, a bike tour of Tacoma, and of course bike oriented drinks.
What can you do to improve bicycling in Tacoma and throughout Washington? Join Cascade Bicycle Club and the Tacoma Wheelmen on Sat., Oct. 17 for a workshop on bike advocacy.

We'll discuss how we can use our clout to demand better facilities and just laws for bicyclists. Also, the outcome of the bicycle and pedestrian count, and how the data we collect on bicycling is crucial to our safety as bicyclists.
Together, we'll strategize on making a difference in Tacoma and working together for better state laws and federal funding of trails and other facilities.


10am - 1pm: Workshop at the Tacoma Main Library,
1pm - 3pm: Bike tour of Tacoma with bicycle planners and special guests (stay tuned for details!) 3pm - eve.: Meet at the Harmon HUB for drinks

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