October 25, 2009

College Football Roundup - Boise St. rolls

#4 Boise State 54, Hawaii 9 - At least the warriors got to stay in Hawaii while the Broncos went back to Idaho. I'd say that's a pretty good trade off. By the way, does the WAC have one of the best road games in all of college football with Hawaii? That's got to be a big recruiting hook for all the other schools. How does the Pac-10 compete... "hey, we'll be going to Pullman!"

#1 Florida 29, Mississippi St. 19 -
Here we go with the No. 1 team starting to play closer and closer games down the stretch against blah teams. I mean if you're  the gators, how do you get up for Miss St? Start a twitter war with the team?

#6 Iowa 15, Michigan St. 13 - Iowa is 8-0 for the first time in team history, and the state of Iowa is also revelant for the first time in history.

Oregon St. 36, #7 USC 42 - What would have been more fun would have been a blowout and the question of Pete Carroll scoring F-U touchdowns on the Beavers for the 2008 upset loss to them.

#11 Oregon 43, Washington 19 - The dream season just continues for the Huskies...

Idaho 45, Nevada 70 - Yikes! Apparently Idaho needed to implement a zone defense and crash in on the guards at the three-point line.

Eastern Washington 35, Montana St. 24 - Montana fans cry tonight in their trailers after this loss.

Montana 45, Sacramento St. 30 - Lame...

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