October 11, 2009

College football roundup - yep, the Cougs still stink

#13 Oregon 24, UCLA 10 - I watched this game until I realized that this was the dullest game of the season. Don't let the score fool you, this was a snoozer on the biggest of levels. Can you say run, run, run, punt?

#21 Nebraska 27, #24 Missouri 12 - WHAT! Nebraska coming through in a semi-big game? You don't say. However, please keep in mind that this still isn't an upset and Nebraska was suppose to win this game. Don't get all sold on the Huskers just yet (or ever).

#1 Florida 13, #4 LSU 3 - This looked like the biggest stumbling block on the Gators' schedule but thank God that even though Tim Tebow can't watch TV due to his concussion, he can play football.

Colorado 14, #2 Texas 38 - Here come the Buffaloes!

Florida A&M 16, #11 Miami 48 - Before you call this a cupcake game, keep in mind that FAM was 4-0 coming into this game! Sure it was in the MEAC, a conference for schools that apparently weren't let into the NAIA but hey! Go Miami.

E. Illinois 3, #14 Penn St. 52 - Another tough game for the Lions. They keep scheduling such tough teams.

#22 Georgia Tech 49, Florida State 44 - FSU is 2-4 for the first time since Bobby Bowden began collecting Social Security.

Duke 49, NCST 28 - How bout them Blue Devils! Boy, the Wolfpack sucks...

Idaho 29, San Jose State 25 - Ladies and gentlemen, you're 5-1 Vandals. You know Paul Wulff wants you to watch the Vandals after UI gave Rob Akey three years to rebuild the team. Three years, that means you shouldn't fire Wulff after this season. Look at the Vandals, on top of the world, that will be the Cougs next year...

Arizona St. 27, WSU 14 - .... or not. 180 yards of offense (one play was for 90) doesn't exactly scream "improvement."

Arizona 33, Washington 36 - The Huskies beat an unranked team! THEYRE BACK! THEYRE GOING TO WIN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Just wait folks! Here comes Jake Locker! Here comes Coach Sark! Might as well hand the Pac-10 over to the purple and gold!

Wait, they're 3-3? Well I haven't seen an overreaction like that since the team was ranked in the top 25 after beating USC. Oh.. too soon?


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