October 3, 2009

Erin Andrews peephole pervert is arrested

They found that creep that made the dream of every male from the age of 18-45 by shooting nude video footage of ESPN sideline princess Erin Andrews through her hotel peephole. Yes, apparently taking naked footage of someone without their permission is illegal.

According to an AP report, Michael David Barrett, 48, of Westmont, Illinois, was arrested late on Friday night at O'Hare International Airport. Earlier in the day he was named in a federal criminal complaint in Los Angeles that did not mention Andrews by name, but did reference an on-air ESPN personality. The man was tracked down via an email sent to TMZ, allegedly offering to sell them video of a nude Andrews filmed surreptitiously in her hotel room.

After being the journalist that I am and trying to find the Erin Andrews video, I can say that ESPN has done a CIA-esque job of making that footage disappear from the face of the earth. Say what you will about the World Wide Leader but I respect them for the way they stepped up to bat for Erin Andrews. While most people just thought the whole story was hilarious and tried to youtube it, ESPN went into ulta-protective mode and got in other media sources faces if they tried to run even a part of the footage.

With that said, I wonder if that guys to go to jail he'll be known as the "Erin Andrews guy." Think he gets an extra heaping of food during lunch time and a pat on the back? (I'm not saying it's right, I'm saying this is how guys act)

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