October 17, 2009

EWU vs. UM

As we at JustSON continue to provide you with pregame coverage of today's match-up between the Eastern Washington Eagles and the Montana Grizzlies, here's a look at each of these of schools and who wins head to head:


UM: Monte - Yes, he has a bike. That is cool.

EWU: Swoop- But you want to know what is even cooler? Flying. Yeah, Swoop can fly.

EWU 1, UM 0


EWU: Located in Cheney, Washington, the campus is a pristine example of beauty.
UM: Located in Missoula, MT the campus is, well...just look.

EWU 2, UM 0


EWU: While it may be nontraditional, their nothing short of creative.

UM: It snows in Montana. Every month but August. There are two seasons there, summer and snow. Welcome to Montana.

EWU 3, UM 0


EWU: The Eagle incorporates the E-W-U of the school. It is classy and stylish.

UM: While searching for the Griz logo, I found this. Hilarious. A guy riding a bear.

EWU 4, UM 0


Google Eastern Washington and this is the first photo. Beautiful!

UM: Google Montana. This is the 4th photo. Oh, I'm telling all my friends.

EWU 5, UM 0

Go Eagles!!!

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