October 17, 2009

Photos of Montana Grizzly fans

Today is the big matchup between the Eastern Washington Eagles and the Montana Grizzlies. As you probably already know, I don't get along with Griz fans. But that's all in the past. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf by posting photos of Montana Grizzly fans.

Poor guy. This is the problem when your mascot is actually a ferocious predator in the wilderness. To his credit he said "I love the GRIZ... EEEYYAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" before he was eaten."

"Is that one of them fancy picture boxes that take those photo thingies! Hey Billy Bob! I think he's taking my photo! Hey don't do that, I'm pretty sure it will steal my soul!"

This is Montana's idea of fine sea food.

This is actually a mansion of one of the Montana Grizzly fans.

Either they've painted "Montana" on their chests are they are in serious need of medical attention.

Yes, the wave is still popular at Washington Grizzly Stadium. Even though it hit every other sporting venue in 1992, it just now reached Montana.

"Dude, this bear suit stinks." "I know, I don't ever take it off"

"He's just sleeping right? We're gonna take the photo and run away real quick like eh?"

The entrance to Washington Grizzly Stadium where you have to give the secret password "Cotten-Eye Joe"

Montana's economy at the moment.

The Port Authority of Montana. This is were all the ships from around the world dock in Montana.

Pretty sure he had to move to Montana after that foul ball mess.

Study hall in Montana.

An All-Pro NFL player from Mont... oh wait, this guy is from Eastern Washington University. For some reason I couldn't find any Griz All-Pro player photos in the NFL. Odd...


  1. This blog is based in Washington and you're trashing Montana's economy? How's that $4.5 billion dollar debt treating you?

  2. With 7 presentations to the National Championship and 2 National Championship Titles to EWU none, nada, zip, zero your another trash talking sore loser. For the record, 45 U of M players have played in the NFL. So far in the 2010 season, 4 former Montana players have seen action in the NFL ... LB Kroy Biermann (Falcons), PK Dan Carpenter (Dolphins), WR Marc Mariani (Titans), and RB Lex Hilliard (Dolphins).
    With a new coach it is unlikely U of M will have a conference title this year and EWU has a great chance. Good for them and good luck to them.
    R. Vassar