October 14, 2009

Reasons why you're still single... Mr. Gonzaga Basketball Fan

WHOOAAAH! Good for you Mr. WSU Grad who has decided to become a full-time fan of Gonzaga basketball after moving to Spokane. Not only have you decked out your gas-sucking SUV in Zag decals that make you look like a walking advertisement for Mark Few but you've also decided that your morning business attire should consist of a obnoxious GU hoodie and hat that can be seen from miles around (how many times can an apparel maker put "GU" on a sweatshirt and hat? apparently 158).

Not only this but in all you Zag-ness, you apparently never went to driving school and decided to pull a Bo Jackson-esque fake-out in your Zag SUV while "coming to a stop" near a stop sign. A certian blogger driving on the main street not only had to hit his brakes and then sit there while you made up your decision to go or not in the middle of the road.

How's that Adam Morrison NBA jersey treating you?

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