October 16, 2009

Third grader brings knife to school! World ends!

Yes, another sign our society is going to crap...

A third-grader is in trouble with the law after he showed up at Atlas Elementary School armed with a knife he’d taken from his mother’s purse Monday. The Kootenai County Sheriff’s report says the student told a classmate, who told a teacher, which prompted a search by the school’s principal that uncovered a knife in the eight-year-olds back pocket. … A sheriff’s report says the student told a deputy he planned on using the knife to go fishing, and in according to the same report, he’d brought matches to school in the past and had thought about bringing a gun.

The knife thing happens, you forget about it in your backpack after a camping trip and you think it's cool to show to your friends. Happens all the time, trust me, I was a kid once. However, bringing a gun to school is terrifying and I hope that his parents don't have guns readily available for him to snag.

He needs to be put in counseling for a bit to see why he wants to bring a gun to school. If it's just for exhibition, tell him to bring a frog and action figures instead.

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