November 15, 2009

The best teams in college football

Okay WSU is nowhere near the Top 5 in college football but I thought that photo pretty much summed up their season. When you're done with that, here's a rundown of college football's Top 5 teams...

1. Florida -
If the Gators continue their winning ways, at what point do we start calling this team a college dynasty? When Tebow's statue is raised in Cleveland for leading the Browns to the Super Bowl and Urban Meyer leads the Gators to their sixth straight national championship with Charlie Weis at offensive coordinator?

2. Alabama -
Does anyone really care about Alabama expect Alabama? Here's an idea, try updating your uniform scheme from 1930.

3. Texas -
The Longhorns have been highly ranked but under the radar the entire year, meaning they'll probably face Florida in the National Championship Game since the American public will fall asleep if Alabama is in the game.

4. TCU -
Anyone thinking that the Mountain West shouldn't be included in the BCS automatic berths? Put your hands down Big East, ACC and Pac-10. You're not welcomed here.

5. Cincinnati -
Why hello Big East team. Are you ready to go undefeated and not make it into the National Championship Game? I thought so.

Sorry to say Boise St. isn't in here but when they don't play someone better than Ferris High School, they kind of drop in the rankings. Good job WAC!

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