November 28, 2009

College football in the northwest and its screwed up schedule

While BSU clinched the WAC championship with a win over Nevada last night, I am scratching my head over how they schedule their games. Basically, they're ESPN's poster team and usually get broadcasted on the World Wide Leader.

However, usually their games start at 7 p.m. pacific time, which is totally fine if they played in the pacific time zone. They do not, Boise is located in the mountain time zone, meaning that they actually start their games at 8 p.m. and don't wrap things around midnight. While everyone on the West Coast sees these games as kind of a prime-time matchup... Boise State fans kind of get the short end of the stick. Weird.

(Note: Listen to all the East Coast fans complaining when their baseball team plays till 1 a.m., now imagine if their team played till 1 a.m. every single night. Boy Boise St. fans sure are tough)

That being said, at least Boise St. is on ESPN, today I'm not sure if UW-WSU is even on TV, because don't you have to be a college football team to get on TV on Saturday?

And don't forget to listen to Eastern Washington vs. Stephen F. Austin today in the FCS playoffs at noon on 1510 KGA. That mid-day game is pretty much the only game that makes sense this Saturday.

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