November 13, 2009

Further proof that NBA GM's are idiots - the Byron Scott firing

So the New Orleans GM fired Hornet's head coach Byron Scott for a less than stellar start. Okay, they've been regressing as a team despite a talented roster, you need to change the pace. Then he installs himself as the head coach of the club. Um, keep in mind that he has no head coaching experience on any level and Scott has been to NBA Finals and he thinks he's going to do better? Further proof the NBA GM's might be the least intelligent form of live on this planet.

And the players know it...

NEW ORLEANS -- Chris Paul's loss was Tim Floyd's gain.

From here on into the foreseeable future, they'll win and lose together.

Paul said he was not sure firing Byron Scott as head coach was the change the struggling New Orleans Hornets needed to make. Floyd said the opportunity to rejoin the club as a top assistant "seemed like a perfect scenario for me."

Floyd, a former head coach for New Orleans, formally returned to the club at a Friday morning shootaround as the Hornets began preparations -- under new head coach and former Floyd assistant Jeff Bower -- to play the Portland Trail Blazers later that night.

Before Paul took the court, he said he understood that change was inevitable after the Hornets struggled to a 3-6 start that included several blowout losses. Still, he was sad to part ways with the only NBA coach he's ever known since being drafted by New Orleans out of Wake Forest in 2005.

"Obviously change needed to occur. I'm not sure that's what should have happened," Paul said. "I'm not sure it was all coach's fault. You can [only] play with the cards you're dealt. It's a tough situation. The team went a different direction. Now we've got to play."

Apparently everyone is following the Isiah Thomas model of excellence.

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