November 27, 2009

How to tell if you've eaten too much for Thankgiving

Sorry about the lack of posting but I'm pretty sure you guys were too busy hanging out with the family and eating. If not, you were probably at IHOP devouring a turkey pancake (Don't ask how I know that). Anyways, here's how you can tell if you've eaten too much for Thanksgiving.

- Somebody says "hey! awesome Jabba the Hut costume!"
- The food you've eaten have gone to the UN to declare your stomach as it's own soveriegn state.
- Notre Dame and Kansas call you asking if you'd like to be their next head coach.
- This is you shopping during the after-Thanksgiving sales...

- Somebody says "Awwww you're having twins, how cute!" ... and you're a dude.
- You lost your Verizon Droid in your fat rolls.
- Your realized that you weren't sleeping on your pillow last night, that was your fourth chin.

Happy Holidays!

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