November 25, 2009

Huskies Suck

Since it is Apple Cup Weekend and Casey decided to p-off Washington State fans with his "Cougar jokes" I've decided to turn the table on the lamest team in Div. I. Ahem... here we go.

Oh that's right, the Huskies went 0-12 last year. I mean the Cougars may be terrible, they might have their worst team ever, but at least the beat somebody earlier in the season. UW last year was officially the worst team in the country. Why? Because your First-Round-Bust-In-The-Making had a brain fart in a near victory over BYU. And that pretty much explains the Jack Locker era at the Dub.

You're the Huskies. You wear these Notre Dame wannabe uniforms that would make Charlie Weis blush. You play in Husky Stadium which should be condemned for public safety reasons. Oh and remember when you were ranked in Top 25 earlier this year? Yeah that wasn't an over-f***ing-reaction. Good job. 

And you guys forget... YOU SHOULD OF WON LAST YEAR. And you didn't. In fact you've lost quite a few to the Cougs lately, a true testament how you're college football's doormat now, a far cry from your glory days in the early 90s.

So please, shut the heck up, Oregon is a waaaay better football program anyways.

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  1. Frank Jones, UW class of '99November 25, 2009 at 6:58 AM

    Well the Huskies being ranked might have been a bit over reaction, but at least they were ranked. If it wasn't for SMU choking, WSU would be winless. And they will get spanked this weekend. It won't be pretty.