November 18, 2009

JustSON the Numbers: EWU's win over Whitman last night

So this wasn't pretty.

It was the third game for the Eags in four nights. Their roster was down to seven healthy players. They were just coming off an emotional near-miss against WSU.

In other words, they were spent. And they still managed to pull out a 100-88 victory over Whitman last night, which I'm sure was much more rested. Giving up 88 points to a Div. III school? Yeah they were gassed as a team since defense is purely a hustle aspect of the game. It shows when you dont, and look at these numbers from the game last night.

49 turnovers
56 fouls
79 free thow attempts
30 turnovers by Eastern

In other words, a sloppy, sloppy mess. But all things considered, what would you expect?

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