November 7, 2009

MLS fans hate the Sounders

So I was told to go to as opposed to the Sounder's normal website. Then I found this abortion of a website.

That's right "FVCK Seattle" Scarves. I have a feeling that this somehow the work of insecure soccer fans who have nothing better to do. Basically they're the Philadelphia Eagles fans of the MLS... wonderful, go boo Donovan McNabb.

I hopped on the message board for about .3 seconds and I think by IQ dropped by about 80 points. Apparently they're a lot of Portland fans on there, you know the same fans that throw full water bottles at Sounders players, so congrats Rose City, your pathetic attempt at major league sports in the Portland Timbers has been elevated to you to Montana status in my book along with the rest of MLS soccer fans (except Sounders fans of course).

Go smoke a bowl and complain about your high unemployment. SCARVES UP!

1 comment:

  1. I agree with Kasey Keller on this one. It's a good goal to become the Yankees of the MLS. In our first year all of these storied supporters groups are comparing themselves with us. Sad for them really...

    Go Sounders!