November 12, 2009

News flash: Idaho does not like Boise St.

Nothing like a little story to spark the rivalry for the Idaho-Boise St. game this week which should be awesome. Apparently Vandals athletic director Rob Spear isn't a big Broncos fan. In fact, he wouldn't even fly in a plane with the BSU color scheme on it.

MOSCOW, Idaho (AP)—The Boise State vs. Idaho rivalry has taken to some not-so-friendly skies.

Idaho athletic director Rob Spear says he declined to board a Horizon Air flight after learning the airplane was painted in Boise State’s blue and orange colors.

Spear was traveling to Boise on Saturday for fundraising events. He requested another flight and then drove about 90 miles north to fly from the Spokane, Wash., airport to Boise.

Boise State and Horizon Air unveiled the plane, which sports the team logo on its tail, as an ode to the Broncos earlier this month.

I'm assuming that this plane only flies into minor cities and stuggles to land in larger airports. Just saying. Boise St. this year has been riding on their reputation alone and beating up (and sometimes barely squeaking by) on WAC opponents. That's why I don't listen to mid-major schools that complain about not playing for a national championship because they play against San Jean Weston State every week.

Good job Rob! Show Boise St. just how lame they are.

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