November 10, 2009

Quarterbacks that the Spokane Shock should get

The Spokane Shock are currently filling their roster for the upcoming season and it's apparent the talent level has been ramped up quite a bit. That opens up the possibility that we might see some recognizable names coming through the Spokane Arena. Here's who I think they should go after...

Doug Flutie - They play on a small field, might as well go after a small quarterback. I think Doug Flutie is the only NFL quarterback in history not allowed on a rollercoster because of his height. "Awww look at the small guy, they put pads on him and everything..."

Mister Ed - This guy is clutch and would only require hay as pay.

Kyle Orton - After his game last night against the Pittsburgh Steelers, I don't think he'll be in the NFL very long.

Ryan Leaf - "...and from THE Washington State University and THE Texas State Penitentiary, RYYYYAAAAN LEAF!" and the crowd goes wild. 

The Wildcat- the first wildcat offense in Arena Football?! The Spokane Shock should be pioneers.

Me - No seriously, you should have seen me kick this guys butt after the photo was taken. Plus I can throw a football up past them thare mountains.

We'll keep you updated on the Shock's progress this season.

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