November 17, 2009

Reasons why you're still single... Eastern Washington basketball

You're now going through several Big Sky Conference scores and predictions after your Eastern Washington Eagles nearly beat WSU, 67-61. Don't ask why defeats excite you but when your mid-major conference team has been mildly successful despite an 0-2 start, you've got to like your chances right?

Hmmm where's that season outlook article and video from the sports information department? There's got to be some nugget in there that shows me that the Eagles are indeed headed to a Big Sky Conference championship. This way you can make fun of Montana for basically being the state where basketball doesn't exist.

Chances are you'll be supporting a .500 at best case team, but you have to give this years squad some support right? Because they look very promising right now. Is this what its like to be going completely insane while supporting your favorite college program?

Yep, You just ordered a Benny Valentine replica jersey.

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