November 19, 2009

Things arent going well for the UFL

Apparently America doesn't have heart for minor-league football. Ticket sales were so bad for the Los Angeles game planned by the UFL between their New York and Las Vegas franchises (here's an idea, the UFL should play in its actual home cities), that they just moved it back to LV. Here's a little snippet about overall ticket sales.

Like a stack of leftover turkey sandwiches, the UFL championship game is set for the Friday after Thanksgiving, also in Las Vegas. The Locos, who have already qualified for it, could have spread the news about this so-called NFL D-league to parts this side of a Carrot Top monologue.

We also could have shown the league that we had the ability to support professional football. Because at the moment, the UFL greatly overestimated its usefulness.

Initial plans were to get about 20,000 fans a game, but its announced crowd counts are closer to 12,500. Those actually in attendance would guess it's closer to less than half of that each game.

Back in 2001, the eight-team XFL in its only season averaged 23,000-plus, and the L.A. Xtreme (the one and only champion) did respectable with a Coliseum turnout. The USFL, during a three-year, springtime run with about 20 teams in some incarnation during the mid-1980s, would regularly get crowds in excess of 25,000, even for the L.A. Express, again at the Coliseum.

The USFL, at least, had some name players. The UFL is far more uneventful.

When the XFL is drawing more people than you, there's some serious issues going on. My guess would be the fact that JP Losman is your best player and your uniforms look like bad FUBU knockoffs.

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