November 5, 2009

Things I'd rather see than the Yankees win the World Series

Okay I'm trying to be mature here, but with the New York Yankees winning their 27th World Series Title, I felt a need to write this. Things I'd rather see than the Yankees winning the World Series.
  • A Rosanne Barr striptease.
  •  Any one of the other major-league baseball franchises winning a World Series. The defunct ones too. Heck it could of been a team of old-timers who stumbled into the Pittsburgh Pirates locker room, anyone but the Yankees.
  • The Lakers winning the NBA Finals with Stephon Marbury at point guard (and him doing YouTube Videos during timeouts)
  • The creation of the "Ghost Hunter Network" where all they show is those crappy "we're looking for ghosts" reality TV shows that basically consists of a bunch of stupid overweight guys prancing around old houses looking for "ghosts" and then making up noises they hear. 24 hours. 7 days a week. I would have no remote. Just this channel. I would take this over the Yankees.
  • This Miss Northern Canada Beauty Pagent, complete with an armpit hair part of the contest.
  • Iran taking over the world and installing OctoMom as the supreme ruler.
  • Gili 2 staring Ben Affleck and the latest actress who has their career killed by dating him.
  • The Al Davis Variety Comedy Show starring Tom Cable.
  • The Matt Stairs workout video.
  • A Gonzaga exhibition game against a Canadian team with absolutely no chance.
  • A UNC team against a Gonzaga team with absolutely no chance.
  • Somebody running at me with a vat of molten metal.
  • The T-2000 from Terminator 2 bearing down on me.
  • The XFL2.
  • Any UFL game.
  • A University of Montana instructional video on how incoming freshmen can best catch wild animals for their pelts.
  • The WNBA for 72 hours straight.
As you can see, I'm not a happy camper at the moment.

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