November 24, 2009

Things I'd rather watch than this year's Apple Cup

Boy is this year gonna suck in Seattle for the Apple Cup, where you have a crapalicous WSU Cougars team versus a stinkerpile UW team in the bragging rights for the best football team in the state of Washington. Whoopdedoo, I wan't the Seattle Sonics back.

Now, I'll probably skip the game altogether and end up watching these things.

1. EWU playoff game - Oh wait, better scratch that best football team in state of Washington thing with UW and WSU. I would venture to guess that Eastern and Central Washington are much better football teams regardless.

2. The View - Yes, I would rather watch Starr Jones talk about childhood obesity than Paul Wulff talk about his 120-pound halfback and how much promise he's showing

3. Big 10 Football - You know, they haven't figured out this who "passing" thingy or this whole "scoring more points than your opponent" gimmick, but at least Jim Tressel wears a cool sweater vest.

4. Baseball - Who wants to watch the Arizona Fall League with roughly 20 people in attendance at the games? Oh Goodie! Me!

5. Golden Girls - Hey, it's a good show.

6. Televised Scrabble - Can you imagine the calls? "Oh Good God! That's a double word score! A double word score! Go crazy folks, go crazy!"

7. TCU Football - At least this team in purple is actually good at football.

8. Gonzaga Drinking Games - Sure every student is drunk after two beers, but that's what keeps the Gonzaga Drinking Games ticket prices down. Thank god for preppy students with no alcohol tolerance.

9. ESPN's Latest Game Show "Who's going to get fired next for sleeping with a chubby intern?" - I hear Bill Clinton is on the show.

10. This YouTube Video - ...awesome

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