November 4, 2009

Things you'll find in my fridge

I was looking through my fridge the other day and found these items.
  • Three eggs, not sure of their age. I will have my roommate eat them.
  • Roughly 20 full bottles of Bud Light. That along with a keg out on the balcony of my apartment means that if society ends tomorrow, I'll have enough beer to last me until 2040.
  • A large growth of mold that resembles this guy...

  • An Ice Cream flavor that has every type of candy shoved into its mixing. I'm pretty sure it's like 80 percent Snickers, Reese's Cups, Twix Bars, Milky Ways and like 5 percent ice cream. In fact... wait no... that's marshmallows. There is no ice cream in this ice cream.
  • That 2001 World Series Trophy that the Seattle Mariners were suppose to win.
  • Ryan Leaf's football career.
  • I think I found the state of Rhode Island in my fridge. Considering how small that state is, and how much it smells like fish - that seems about right.
  • Fruit and Vegatables, haven't been touched in three months.
  • The cold, beatless heart of Clay Bennett.
Hope you enjoyed this trip through my fridge. What did you find in your fridge?

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