December 15, 2009

Cliff Lee causes riots of joy in the Northwest

Time to celebrate Mariners fans, because you're playing big boy baseball now. By going out and getting Cliff Lee you've established yourself as a serious contender in the AL West (especially after the Red Sox got the Angel's top ace, John Lackey, in free agency). With Felix and Lee, Seattle might have the most potent 1-2 punch in the entire league.

And that's what you need to win plain and simple. You also have to be impressed with the boldness of the Mariners, it seems like they're actually committed to winning now instead of slowly building for the future. That's more than two-thirds of the league can say right now. Consider yourself lucky.

This might be the biggest name ever brought into Seattle. They've had has-beens waaay past their prime, but never a guy at the peak of his game. Amazing. Never in a million years did I see this coming. With Lee you get a former Cy Young winner who was dominant in the playoffs last year.

Good job M's. You win this time.

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