December 16, 2009

Gonzaga fans don't like to play fair

Today on one of the morning sports talk shows, the host stated that he thought that Gonzaga shouldn't get to play in Spokane for the opening round of this year's NCAA Tournament - saying that it's an unfair advantage. He was flooded with calls from Gonzaga fans saying that he hated Spokane (since he was from Seattle) and that they didn't want to hear his opinion.

Gonzaga fans, come on now. I know that playing in Spokane would be a great thing for the university and the city but you have to admit that having teams play in or near the that they're located in does give them something of an unfair advantage. Look at how it helped when Gonzaga played in Seattle. Nobody is trying to disrespect you or get on your case, they're just saying the system seems to be a bit skewed.

Now that being said, if the Bulldogs do play in Spokane (assuming they even make the post season), this city would be absolutely electric. Great atmosphere.

But don't dog someone for making a valid point.

1 comment:

  1. first off could you find a more recent picture of the kennel club? based on the shirt design, and the students in the picture I can tell this is quite outdated! second, if gonzaga gets a top 3 seed it's fine if they play in spokane. The top seeds are rewarded by playing games in close proximity to their school. If they are 4-16 I think it is completely fair to have them travel elsewhere. I think that for people that have issue with this they should address the issue that WSU is technically the host for the Spokane games... last time I checked the only part of WSU that was in Spokane was an extension campus, and I feel like those students take class too seriously to really be legit Cougs, so GU should have been the host. The Zags are a well known enough school to be a legit host. All that being said, I'd love it if the Zags were here as I've got tickets and would hate having to watch their game on an iPhone while sitting at the arena watching another game on the court in front of me.