December 29, 2009

How to tell if its time to get a new cell phone...

I've been telling Casey for years that he needs to get a new cellphone, but the guy keeps sporting it along with his "spiffy" wallet chain. In an effort to get him to change him, here are some signs that you should probably head to your nearest Verizon store...

1. Indiana Jones takes one look at your phone and goes "It belongs in a museum!"

2. It has a rotary dial.

3. Your grandma remembers when she had the same phone... it really helped her through the Great Depression.

4. Dogs run around in circles and howl at the moon when the ringer in your phone goes off. It also scares small children along with causing the San Andreas fault to slip.

5. You can see your cell phone from space.

6. You carry it around in a bag with an antenna.

7. Instead of text messages, people just leave post-it notes on the back of your phone.

8. Your phone doubles as a microwave.

9. Sometimes you get phone calls from the 80s.

10. Once you dropped your phone and it killed someone.

So there Casey, time for a new cell phone...

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