December 14, 2009

Is the pressure on Jim Mora Jr.?

Another lackluster performance by the Seahawks yesterday, but this 34- 7 road loss to the Texans was particularly insulting to fans around the state of Washington. A quick look at the online forums, facebook status updates and sports radio talk shows us that some people aren't happy with head coach Jim Mora Jr.

Now while I agree his approach seems to be a bit lackluster, and I'm not expecting huge things out of him - the man did inherit a mess from Holmgren. Old quarterback, piecemeal O-line, a defense with more holes in it than swiss cheese. So the Seahawks aren't built for the Super Bowl, but it would be nice to see signs of improvement as opposed to more decline and suckage.

He might be the sacrificial lamb in all of this, because they're not going to be able to turn this around in one off-season, the team is bad across the board and its time to blow things up and rebuild. However, will ownership and the fans have enough patience with Mora? Especially when his team appears inconsistent and wildly incompetent on offense - once the bread and butter of the Seahawks.

There's plenty of blame to throw at Mora, but I don't think he deserves to lose his job. Yet.

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